It is unethical and impractical for any attorney to promise a particular result in a criminal case. The above results are a small sample of actual cases.

Eighth District Court of Appeals

OVI conviction reversed with prejudice

My client was convicted of OVI in the municipal court. She contacted my firm to discuss what options she had. After reviewing her case, I filed an appeal of her conviction in the Eighth District Court of Appeals. I argued that the trial court improperly conducted the plea hearing, and that her conviction was invalid. The appeals court -- in a decision that impacted courts across the state -- ruled in our favor, and reversed her conviction with prejudice, preventing the city from recharging her. 

Cleveland Municipal Court

ALS Suspension Vacated, OVI Refusal Dismissed

My client was charged with OVI Refusal with Prior Conviction. We filed an appeal of his Administrative License Suspension, arguing that he did not in fact refuse to take the breathalyzer test, but was unable to due to his asthma. We supoenaed the state trooper for the hearing and aggressively questioned his actions, and introduced evidence of my client's medical condition. The judge ruled in our favor and vacated his ALS suspension. The prosecutor then dismissed the refusal count, sparing my client significant jail time.

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas

Felony Drug Possession Charge Dismissed

My client was charged with Felony heroin possession stemming from an OVI arrest the prior year. I filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that because the state failed to charge him with possession when they originally filed the OVI charge (which he was convicted of), the new indictment placed him in double jeopardy. The prosecutor reviewed my motion and agreed to dismiss the charge entirely. 

Oberlin Municipal Court
Felony Domestic Violence Case dismissed
My client was charged with felony Domestic Violence. At the preliminary hearing, I cross-examined the alleged victim about her obvious ulterior motives in pressing charges against my client. After hearing all the evidence, the judge found that there was no probable cause to believe that my client committed felonious domestic violence. The case was dismissed and my client was discharged.

Cuyahoga Court of Common Pleas

Felony drug possession charge reduced to misdemeanor

The state charged my client with felony drug possession after seizing LSD from his car after a traffic stop. My client had a terrible felony record already, so the prosecutor was not in the mood to negotiate. My client had fired his previous attorney and then contacted my firm. Upon reviewing the police report and video, I filed a motion to suppress the drugs, arguing that the police detained my client unlawfully as they waited for the K9 unit to show up and conduct a sniff of his vehicle. After reading my motion, the prosecutor offered to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor, and my client was happy to accept. The judge sentenced him to probation. 

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas

Felony charges dismissed, client plead to misdemeanor and paid small fine

My client was charged with three felony counts of Passing Bad Checks and one felony count of Aggravated Theft. After extensive negotiations, I was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss all felony counts in exchange for my client's plea of no contest to one misdemeanor offense. The judge imposed a small fine and my client was able to move on with his life.

Avon Lake Municipal Court

Felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor 
The State of Ohio charged my client with Receiving Stolen Property, alleging that he placed a stolen license plate on his vehicle. After negotiating with the prosecutor, I was able to convince him to reduce the felony count to a misdemeanor. My client served three days in the local jail instead of facing a potential prison sentence. 

Strongsville Mayor's Court

OVI charge reduced to Reckless Operation
The City of Strongsville charged my client with Operating a Vehicle under the Influence of alcohol (OVI). As a foreign national hoping to become a US citizen, an OVI conviction would have had serious consequences for my client. After reviewing the evidence and discussing it with the City, the prosecutor dismissed the OVI and my client was convicted of one count of Reckless Operation, allowing him to pursue citizenship without difficulty.

Parma Municipal Court

Case dismissed

The Village of Linndale charged my client with Speeding. I was able to convince the prosecutor that my client's excellent driving record warranted a complete dismissal of the charge.

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas

Fourteen counts dismissed, juvenile specifications dismissed
The state charged my client with seventeen (17) felony and misdemeanor counts of drug trafficking and possession. The most serious counts alleged that my client sold drugs near juveniles, which elevated the penalties significantly. After lengthy negotiations with the prosecuting attorney, I was able to convince the state to delete the juvenile specifications and to dismiss fourteen of the seventeen charges. My client was sentenced to one year of probation and did not spend a single day in jail.

Ottawa County Municipal Court

Drug Possession charge reduced to Disorderly Conduct

The City charged my client with Drug Possession after searching his backpack and finding marijuana. Upon reviewing the evidence, I believed that the officer conducted an illegal search of my client's property and filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence. A drug conviction would have prevented my client from receiving student loans, potentially ending his college career. After pointing out the significant problems with the City's case, I was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge to Disorderly Conduct, allowing my client to continue receiving federal student aid and stay in school.

Parma Municipal Court

Felony count dismissed, OVI reduced to Physical Control
The City of North Royalton charged my client with OVI and ​Improperly Handling Firearms in a Motor Vehicle, a Felony of the Fourth Degree. Through aggressive negotiations, I was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the OVI count to a charge of Physical Control, and to reduce the felony count to a misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. At sentencing, I asked the court to impose probation instead of jail time, and the court agreed.

Lakewood Municipal Court
Drug charge reduced to Disorderly Conduct, second count dismissed
My client was charged with Possession of Hypodermic Needles and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia after a traffic stop and a K9 sniff. I reviewed the evidence and concluded that the police violated my client's rights by unlawfully detaining him to perform a K9 sniff of the vehicle. I filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence due to the misconduct of the officers. Rather than risk losing all of the evidence at a hearing on our motion, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss one count and reduce the other to Disorderly Conduct. My client eagerly accepted this agreement and was sentenced to probation.

Berea Municipal Court

Domestic Violence charge reduced to Disorderly Conduct
After an argument with her ex-husband in the park, the Metroparks charged my client with Domestic Violence. A conviction for this charge would have cost my client her job. After multiple pretrial conferences spanning several months, the prosecutor refused to amend the charge, and told me that my client would have to plea to Domestic Violence or have a trial. We demanded a jury trial. One week before the trial date, the prosecutor contacted my office and agreed to reduce the charge to Disorderly Conduct. My client was glad to resolve the case and was able to keep her job. The court imposed probation.   

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